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Teaming up to produce content you can use

Would you like to communicate your message and mission to a growing audience, raising awareness of your organization and what it has to offer? As a writer, editor, producer or consultant, I can work with you to understand your goals and produce great content in text, image, and video while working as interactively or independently as fits your situation.

My experience covers a wide range, beginning as editor of Sailing World, where I learned to develop stories for those who sailed on wide oceans and small lakes. At Cruising World, I learned the power of narrative and image to feed our readers’ dreams of sailing to far-off lands and giving them the knowledge to rebuild the engine along the way.

While editorial director at boats.com, YachtWorld and Boat Trader, we built an unmatched library of text and video reviews and “first looks” that complemented more than 100,000 boats for sale on each website. Our how-to stories were increasingly optimized for search engine rankings and organically delivered to hundreds of thousands of qualified visitors to the sites each month.

Examples of recent collaborative works include an award-winning video boat review, producing aspirational videos for a boat dealership to highlight the cruising lifestyle for potential buyers; writing a white paper for an Agile coaching consultancy about the difference their training made when students returned to their jobs; and managing a bold website launch for a church whose leaders were ready to throw open their doors to the community. And given the opportunity, I always enjoy writing about sailboat racing and how to improve.

I also have been writing a series of columns on leadership for Soundings Trade Only called “Lessons from the Boat.” Here are samples:

Strategy and adjusting the course

When captain serves the crew

Building a team on culture and character

Practice and the path to mastery 

The power of good questions

A boating attitude in the workplace

Leadership from generation to generation

I began writing a monthly letter about Leadership in late 2018. Here is a recent sample:

The Focus: 5 Keys to Getting from Here to There

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