Leadership coaching

When I started working as a leadership coach, I realized this practice was different from other professional relationships. I liked the fit—it meant working together, yet with clear roles and responsibilities.

Leadership coaching is about you, the leader in your work and in your life.

Working with a trained coach is an opportunity for you to move more quickly toward your best, most effective self.

Distinct from consulting, counseling, and therapy, coaching is not about getting advice. It assumes that you are fit to steer your own course forward. In fact, you’re already doing it.

Your coach is your co-pilot, who will help you consider assumptions, habits, and beliefs that are limiting your potential. I won’t lay out a master plan for you, as a consultant might. Instead, I’ll help you develop your own plan.

You’ll decide the focus of the work. I’ll listen, clarify, challenge, and brainstorm with you. And I’ll support you in choosing clear action steps to increase and accelerate your effectiveness in pursuit of your goals.

It’s not only about doing “more”, “better”, and “faster”—our work together can address myriad challenges:

My clients range in age and context, from business and philanthropy to church. Their goals as leaders vary. Some want a coach as a sounding board for their ideas and how to present them. Others want to advance in their current work, change careers, empower their colleagues, and refine their vision and goals, both at work and at home. Many are high achievers whose principal goal is to reduce their stress levels and find ways to have a more balanced life.

Are you ready to push past your current challenges, and to realize your best, most effective self? Contact me for a complimentary session to see if coaching is right for you.